HABANERO BBQ - 0.9 oz halal beef stick

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HABANERO BBQ - 0.9 oz halal beef stick

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They say some like it hot, but everybody seems to love this sweet and mildly spicy stick. In fact, the staff in our smokehouse asked us to stop selling it. Why? Because they wanted to save it all for themselves! No joke. With a little talking to, we convinced them to release this one to the wild at heart. 

Just the right amount of habanero chiles. A pinch of mustard and our signature BBQ sauce spices. A touch of sweetness. Smoked for hours over hickory. Habanero BBQ gives you energy and wakes up your taste buds without punching you in the mouth.

100% beef, zero chance of clouds

Habaneros like warm, sunny spots, so this is the perfect snack to take on bluebird days, desert missions or hiking craggy peaks. They can hang on surfing and mountain-biking trips too. Protein-packed - they’re perfectly capable of powering you through, even if it’s just a day on the road.

What’s in the box:

Your choice of either 10 or 20 snappy, sweet-heat .9oz beef sticks

Ingredients for adventure:

100% halal beef, sugar, salt, spices (including ground mustard), dehydrated habanero peppers and powder blend including dried chilies and spices), dehydrated garlic and onion, paprika, natural spice extractives (including paprika), encapsulated citric acid and celery juice powder

Carne Diem beef sticks are: 

  • Made with 100% U.S. beef 
  • Smoked low and slow on natural hickory wood
  • Halal Certified by Halal Transactions of Omaha
  • Born, raised, and harvested in the USA
  • No MSG or added nitrates
  • Gluten free
  • Less than half the fat of conventional sticks