SPICY PACK - 20ct Halal Beef Sticks

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SPICY PACK - 20ct Halal Beef Sticks

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Here’s to the fiery ones. Whether you’ve already got fire in your belly or are looking to feed your inner fire, the Spicy Pack is ready to stoke. The Spicy Pack includes ten each of our spicier beef sticks. Don’t worry, these bad boys aren’t burn-your-mouth-off hot. Habanero BBQ comes through with that sweet heat - mellowed by our signature BBQ sauce spices. And our Spicy Cajun Smoked stick? We call it “cajun without the ragin’.” It’s just the right amount of heat from jalapenos and black pepper.

When you need to bring the heat...

These spicy sticks are perfect for packing in to explore active volcanos and flying too close to the sun. These sticks won’t burn you, but you’ll want to pack it alongside the sunscreen. Both Habanero BBQ and Cajun Smoked sticks can also warm you up on a cold day - whether on the slopes or sitting in the tree stand.

What’s in the box: 

20 snappy, spicy .9oz beef sticks. Ten each of these flavors: 

HABANERO BBQ - Sweet heat. BBQ sauce spices, blend of dried chiles, and smoke. 

SPICY CAJUN SMOKED - Jalapenos, bell pepper, and spices. Smoked to perfection.

Ingredients for adventure:

100% Halal beef, salt, spices (including red pepper, jalapeno pepper, black pepper), encapsulated citric acid, sugar, celery juice powder, and dehydrated green pepper

Carne Diem beef sticks are: 

  • Made with 100% U.S. beef 
  • Smoked low and slow on natural hickory wood
  • Halal Certified by Halal Transactions of Omaha
  • Born, raised, and harvested in the USA
  • No MSG or added nitrates
  • Gluten free
  • Less than half the fat of conventional sticks