Carpe diem. 

It means seize the day. It does not mean stay under the covers and hit the snooze button. To do it right, you’ve gotta get outside of your comfort zone. 

In order to truly get after it, we need fuel. Unfortunately, a lot of the snacks and “adventure foods” out there left a bad taste in our mouths. They either tasted like chalk or were full of junk. 

That’s why we set out to create a portable, protein-packed snack we actually wanted to munch on. Your snack shouldn’t hold you back - whether it’s lacking in flavor or nutrition. It’s a lot easier to grind it out when you’ve got both. 

Carne Diem was born. No matter what the day brings, our beef sticks can help you send it. Or stick the landing. Or just stick to it.


 We are wild at heart. And we are fueled by beef. 

When it comes to principles, we stick to our guns. Carne Diem beef sticks are:

Made with 100% U.S. Beef 

Every stick is made from U.S.-raised cattle on rolling hills and pasture. Our ranchers take pride in the stewardship of the land. In fact, they turned their backcountry land into a conservancy so it can never be developed. This ensures the land will be preserved - cattle will graze here and feed us for generations to come. Plus, our beef doesn’t have to travel far to our smokehouse, where we smoke the traditional way in these parts - low and slow over natural hickory wood. 

Satisfy your taste for adventure

This is the snack you actually want to pack. With at least 8 grams of protein per serving, plus half the fat of conventional beef sticks, it has what you need to get you through any adventure. And it tastes like smoky beefy goodness.


No junk - ever 

Our beef sticks are naturally gluten free. They’re never made with added MSG or nitrates. No corn syrup or completely unpronounceable ingredients. Just U.S.-raised beef, salt, spices, and smoke.